HCC services for resellers

Services for Resellers

A complete and completely cloud-based framework. Safe, fast and efficient

Quick Setup

Quick setup, we can usually deliver your business within 48 hours.

Security Check

All our systems face continuous security testing. We pay to test security regularly.


We have a team of marketing experts who regularly craft artwork.

Weekly Reports

Reports generated and sent every week, with information on your performance

Recurring Assistance

We help you develop strategies and organize your business.

Own financing

We help everyone, we have our own financing method.

The best telemedicine system

Trust us, we have the best telemedicine system today.

There are more than 11,000 accredited physicians, the best piscicological care in the US, the main dentists, laboratories and pharmacies. There are more than 120,000 accredited establishments.

App and user portal, bilingual and intuitive.

Available in 50 US states and Puerto Rico

Video calls, telecalls and text messages to doctors.

Works anywhere, anytime 24/7

Leave your contact and we’ll call you!

Health Card Club is to be part of a strong brand, and a quality service.

What Patients Say About Us

General Question

These are the questions we are often asked. It might be your question.

We have many locations available, but no matter where you are, you can sell anywhere in the US and Puerto Rico, the difference is that if a customer enters our main site, when he selects the city you are in, he will be automatically registered in your account. The retail price is $1,500.00 for small towns up to $30,000 for some regions.

Our financing is our own, which means that we split the investment value for you. And everyone qualifies, just have an account in your name or the name of your company, and prove your ability to pay with the last 3 or 6 bank statements. In some cases, pay down is required.

Yes, there is a monthly fee and a monthly subscription fee. These values ​​are different according to the contract signed with Health Card Club Corp.

We need a tax number, which can be EIN, SSN, ITIN. Just one of them, valid, is enough.

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