About Health Card Club

We Provide Essential Services for Health Care

We unite the services we consider basic to be able to take care of health in a single program. A Single plan package, where the cost is really low and attractive. Imagine your customer can pay less than $1 a day and cover the entire family.

Business opportunity, with social appeal and profitable.

Trust us to achieve your independence and provide a quality service.

We made a complex deal, but very simple for you. You can have customers from all over the United States and Puerto Rico, without having to leave your home. With recurring earnings and initial investment as low as $0.

Bilingual services (English and Spanish)

24/7 customer service center

Customers and services across the US

Our Founders

Dr. Bruno Cortes

Co-founder, Oncologist and Communication Director

Tulio Haikal

Co-founder and CEO

DR. Gastão Aragão

Co-founder, primary care doctor and Development Director

Become a Health Card Club resale, schedule a call and we will contact you. Everyone is qualified for this.

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